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About Us

We are Siri Shabad Singh and Siri Shabad Kaur (Christine).

We opened Aquarius Health in London in 1996 and branched out in Cyprus in 2004 and South East Asia in 2010.
We are now only offering Kundalini Yoga workshops in Chiang Mai (Thailand) mostly, during certain periods.

I (Siri Shabad Singh) studied Kundalini Yoga with Yogi Bhajan, Guru Hans Singh, Guru Ram Singh, Guru Ram Kaur, Karta Singh, Shiv Charan Singh and many other teachers. I qualified as a Kundalini Yoga instructor in 1983 and has been teaching this technique since then. I have been helping with the training of various Kundalini Yoga teachers in Europe and Asia along the years.
I'm a QXCI/SCIO and CoRe Energetix Practitioner and a Registered Polarity Therapy Practitioner (UK), having studied from 1995 until 1998 with the Polarity Therapy Educational Trust, and a registered Medical Doctor in Alternative Medicine MD(AM) from the Indian Board of Alternative Medicines.
I studied Chi Nei Tsang and Karsai Nei Tsang with Tassanee Boonsom, Khun Ni and Thanachai, in Chiang Mai, Thailand.
I'm now only focusing at producing educational material and teaching Kundalini Yoga workshop, mantra and meditation workshop and Kundalini Yoga and Regeneration workshop, mostly in Chiang Mai, Thailand
Christine is a hygienist who use to offers Colonic Irrigation, Abdominal massage, Intense Light Therapy, Facial Rejuvenation Treatments, Skin Brushing, Reiki Sessions, and has worked with Siri in this field for more than 12 years.
She has been studying and practicing Kundalini Yoga since 1986 and now focus on the various Kundalini Yoga workshops we do in Chiang Mai.

Our practice use to draws from different teachings and teachers including Dr Randolph Stone, Dr Bernard Jensen, Dr Hulda Clark, Andreas Moritz, Master Mantak Chia and Yogi Bhajan.

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Dear Siri and Christine,
I can't thank you both enough for all you have given me. I feel the work went very deep, and I feel the benefit directly, even now.
You are really offering something quite unique, I feel. This really is true holistic healing, taking in body, feelings, mind and spirit, and they can accompany the healing process through all these levels ... wherever the process needs to go.
Your range of skills is impressive, and the quality of care and attention deeply touching. I have felt enormous benefit from my de-tox week, and I know this is not temporary, but will develop into new habits with a new sense of well being.
I so value all the precious little tips Christine offered me on all manner of practical things to do with continuing the cleansing process on my own. So helpful! I said that the two of you should write a book about what you do, like a 'self-cleanse handbook' or something ... priceless information!
Much love to you, Christine and Dyal,
Go well,

Dearest Siri and Christine,
'Thank you' doesn't come near the gratitude that I feel towards you both for all the many gifts you have given me. You shared so much with me in the last days ... your beautiful home, your generous hearts and spirits, and all the amazing knowledge that you have about healing and health. Your many skills, your sensitive care and your dedication to your work are an inspiration.
And thank you for sending the protocol for continuing the cleansing. I am looking forward to seeing how I manage to do it myself ... it feels like an important skill to acquire!
I hope to see you next year for another 6-day programme, so if you are booking, please put me in for June again.
Much love, dear fellow travellers on this amazing journey called 'life'!
Melanie, UK

Dear Siri,
Thank you very much for your help and support. It was really good
and healthful for my Mum to see you. You and Christine are so special
and important persons in her life. Now her mood is much more positive
and optimistic.
With love,
Sveta, Cyprus

Thank you for everything!
Don't have words to express my feelings.... Maybe ... Real Magick!
Marios, Cyprus

Dear Siri,
The treatments continue to have their beneficial impact on many different levels and I am extremely grateful for that.
Thank you both for supporting the healing process.
All the best wishes to you and Christine!
Anou, Jordan

Hello, Dear Siri and Cristine!
Thank you very much for everything that I have experienced in your small, friendly and unique centre. During this week I tried to absorb all information from you, my own body, environment, people around me.
I will be happy to spend one more day in you light house!
Eternally grateful for our connection.
Tatiana, Cyprus

Dear Siri & Christine,
Words can't express the warmth I feel towards you both for making such a positive difference to my life. I came to you knowing that I did not feel as good as I should and with your guidance and insight, four weeks later I feel a more complete person and ready to live life from a different and much improved angle.
All the treatments I had were amazing and the level of care taken with me is something I have not experienced before. My final weekend of a four week detox culminated with the liver flush and I couldn't believe the large black stones which had been flushed from my system. I really did not want to leave the comfort and tranquility of your retreat following my overnight stay. I will try another flush at home in 3 weeks time and hope to continue expelling more toxins.
Long may you continue to accomplish having such a positive impact on people as you did so beautifully did with me.
Please keep in touch.
With love,
Sara, UK

Dear Siri,
Hi from Vietnam! First & foremost my profound thanks to you & Christine for the productive sessions as well as the info below.
After a week, I am still surprisingly calm & still hanging on. I am cooking all my meals, only ate out 3 times this week.
I also managed to resist temptation. Someone gave me 6 sticks of Haagen Daz ice cream yesterday, I indulged in 1 & gave away all the rest. My cravings have lessen.
I also want you to know that I still DO NOT drag myself out of bed in the morning.
Please find my comments on your esteemed practice below that may be helpful to others.
Big hugs + bisous,

“It is a miracle that, in this modern day & time, there are still people who are not money/profit oriented. Siri & Christine are 2 amazing examples - offering their service from the bottom of their heart.
I am one of those who live very unhealthily – I smoke, work in a super stressful environment, live a very sedentary lifestyle, a chocoholic, I don’t eat I binge (someone once said that restaurants offering buffet should ban me from entering), never cooked in my life, drag myself out of bed every morning without fail. I felt that I have enough & should do something about it. I went on a 2-day program with Siri & Christine.
Purging out the trash I stuffed myself over the last 30+ years was surprisingly a pleasant experience (Christine was most patient during the colonic irrigation sessions); counseling & Polarity Therapy sessions with Siri purged out all the negativity in my mind. They both nourished my body & mind, which lead me to change for the better.
BTW I am asthmatic but during the time I was in Penang, I didn’t use Ventolin at all.
Now I am cooking my meals albeit simple ones. I bring my own food to work. I no longer tear my hair out nor drag myself out of bed in the morning or crave for sweets. Siri is very right – when your soul is hungry, you will go for temporary quick fixes i.e. vices. I am sure very soon Siri & Christine will hear from me that I have stopped smoking.
Do not go to Aquarius Health if you are expecting a fancy spa with lots of bells & whistles. If you are determined to change for the better, Siri & Christine are there for you. Unselfishly, they share & care. Nothing is impossible.”
Amy, Vietnam

The heavenly garden … that ‘s where I spent the last 24 hours … To give time to my body, my mind, my soul, to stop, relax, and receive…
And what I receive has been far beyond what I imagined … but actually I did not imagine anything, rather felt I more or less anxious, a bit fearful…
Everything vanished when I entered the place, and an inner journey started, inner journey into my body, into my mind which ultimately lead me close, so close to my inner self…
And all along this wonderful journey, Christine and Siri, two wonderful guides, loving, sharing, caring, offering their skill, their knowledge, their experience…
Thank you
Isabelle, France

Dear Siri and Cristine,
How are you?
This year I feel much better after your treatments. I want to thank
you dearly for all that you have done for me.
Kind regards,
Sveta, Ukraine

Dear Siri, dear Christine,
I want thank you for the very positive experience I had during my liver flush retreat at Aquarius Health.
One may hear comments like “it is painful” or “dangerous” but I can only witness the opposite.
I have had a prefect preparation with you advising me on any question crossing my mind.
At your place I felt very comfortable. Although doing enemas is an intimate matter, the professional way you have handled this matter made the whole thing very easy.
Anyway now I am doing enemas and liver flush myself and thanks to you, I know now how do it correctly.
It is amazing how many big (and poisonous) stones I have been carrying around!
Thanks again.
I attach two pictures, one from the first liver flush at Aquarius Health and one from the liver flush I have done myself. If you want to have more please advise.
The biggest stones have a size of 1.5 - 1.7cm.
Take care
Antonis Antoniades, Cyprus
Zitrone Natural Life

Dear Siri,
Just to let your know I have past over 300 little green & yellow stones amazing!
Thanks again to you and your beautiful soulmate wife Christine for this whole weekend, It was really lovely and relaxing.
I was in a really bad state of mind when I came to you a month ago but I now feel more positive and balanced.
Even though I still have joint problems, I'm really happy I came to you as I was introduced to the world of detox and new way of living.
I am happy to highly recommend you to customers and friends in the future.
Sincere Thanks
Love and Light
Hellen, Cyprus

Dear Siri,
I wish to send my love and appreciation to Christine, Dyal and and of course yourself for the gift of healing on all levels and making me feel as though i can deal with all the challanges in my life in a positive way. You are all very close to my heart and i consider you like my family. You have offered me life-changing experiences which have already started to change my life for the better. ... My perceptions and view points in life seem to have changed so much and i feel like i am so blessed to have come to these realisations.
Please let Christine and Dyal know you are all in my thoughts and i cannot express the amount of love i have for you all. I hope the plans for your new retreat are going well so you can continue to help others in the way you have helped me.
love Selina, UK

Tucked away in a small Cyprus village, Siri and Christine practice their vision of healthy living.
As well they have chosen to share their knowledge and life experience and do so in a generous and gentle way.
On a visit to meet with them from Germany, I did the 4 levels detox program and feel grateful for this experience.
In a very real way, Siri and Christine have demystified what it means to take care of my own health through cleansings.
I highly recommend their program for people who want to claim the power and responsibility to manage their own health.
Siri, if there are people interested in your program who want to talk to a reference, feel free to give them my email address.
Agatha, Germany

Dear Siri, Christine and Dyal,
I have just arrived home with all the good memories of you all, your fantastic retreat and Ayios Amvrosios.
I thank you all for sharing your extensive knowledge and caring and providing such an inspiration. I can't wait to return, I hope in the spring.
It was an extraordinarily constructive empowering 10 days. I would be happy to share my experiences with anyone and would strongly endorse all aspects of your retreat.
My very best warmest wishes to you all
With love and gratitude.
Linda Jaine, UK

Hello Siri, Christine and Dyal
I hope that you are all well in your beautiful and peaceful home in Cyprus. I am very well, although it was a shock being catapulted back into the hectic world!
Since being back I am much happier, calmer, and able to make decisions for myself. I no longer rely on other people to make me happy (in particular not men!) and am very much comfortable spending quality time in my own company. My diet and is much improved - perhaps not to the standards I received in Cyprus - but certainly heading in the right direction! I also do exercise every day which helps immensely.
I thank you all so much for helping me on the road to recovery, and I now feel that I have the strength to take anything that life throws at me! You all do a brilliant job, and your home is so soothing and tranquil, its priceless :)
An eternally grateful
Faith, UK

When I arrived at the retreat I did not know what to expect and had left behind a fairly stressed and fast-paced lifestyle. Siri and Christine soon made me feel comfortable in my surroundings, which was not too hard. Set in beautiful, picturesque hills and valleys, this peaceful place soon felt like home. The food was delicious, made with love! And the therapies were of the highest quality and attention to detail. I slowly felt myself improving, day by day as the cleanse began to take affect, with Siri and Christine's gentle encouragement too, during what can be a sensitive process. It is a great place to learn about yourself and life too.. Thank you Siri and Christine for helping me to rediscover and nurture the Light Within Me. Love.
Sophia, London, UK

Good Morning Siri,
Let me first say once more a very big thank you for a wonderful weekend.
The depth of your knowledge, the treatment, Christine’s support and everything around these 24 hours have worked in every positive way on my body and spirit.
The signs of this rebirth are obvious to everyone.. Walking back to the office on Monday morning my assistance said to me that has never seen me so serene, peaceful and shining.
My love to you and Christine
Stella, Cyprus

Dear Siri and Christine,
Thank you both so much,for being you, during my 5 day journey.
What a transformation. Have had comments from everyone that I have had contact with, either by phone or seeing them, they can all hear / see a big difference.
I have also kept up with my yoga, walking, and diet; and have not gone back to drinking tea or coffee. I feel really great. THANK YOU both.
See you soon, best wishes to you all.
Melanie, Cyprus

Dear Siri and Christine!
Let me Thank you again for your kind support during my staying at your place! I am still amazed of the results of my stones. I have been puzzled for the 2 days already with one question - how it could be possible for people to carry out so much waste staff?? I believed in Detox, but now it doubled:)
Thanks for everything!!!
Oxana:), Cyprus

I arrived at Aquarius with a severe throat infection, vaginal candida, insomnia and anxiety following the shock of a car crash a few weeks previously. Siri, Christine and their delightful son Dyal welcomed me warmly and set about a complete and holistic healing process combining colonic irrigation, polarity therapy with a list of daily processes and remedies that truly work. In fact, the whole family is a testimonial to the effectiveness of these practices as they incorporate them into their own lives. For me the retreat did not simply address the physical problems I had arrived with but quick-started a profound healing process on an emotional, physical and spiritual level.
There is a sacred atmosphere to the whole place which combines the open friendliness of the family with a very private and comfortable guest room and bathroom. You have the option to join the family for morning yoga and meditation or follow you own practice in your own space. All meals are served and prepared by Christine, a talented cook (but of course, she is French after all), who has a knack of making nutritious food both tasty and varied. Siri is always available with wise counsel or debate and has an uncanny acuity when it comes to astrology. It doesn't have to be all meditation and introspection - Dyal plays a mean game of table tennis, there is the sea at Kourion beach or the formidable beauty of the Troodos mountains too, in which I managed a 7km walk (excellent for the colon according to Christine)!
Finally, I cannot recommend Siri's bodywork enough, for me it was the lynch pin of my healing, helping me integrate all I was experiencing.
Thank you so much Siri, Christine and Dyal, I will be back very soon as you know but want you to know that I am going from strength to strength health wise and am even managing to continue with my daily yoga and meditation discipline, the benefits of which I see and feel all around me.
Ana Gracey, UK

Dear Siri and Christine
I just wanted to thank you for my treatments yesterday – it was a wonderfully relaxing day and just what I needed. Now my only regret is that I have taken so long to come and visit you and you are moving to Malaysia in just two months! However, I am going to make time for return visits during the next eight weeks.
Kind regards
Kate, Cyprus

Dear Siri and Christine
I miss your clean, sunny, peaceful loving oasis already - the impact of all I learnt and was given will resonate for a very long time in my life - I thank you from the depth of my heart - Namaste.
Big love
Michelle, Australia

Siri has created a safe space within which I was able to explore my inner being and allow transformation to unfold.
With his guidance, love, acceptance and professionalism I made significant and lasting changes to my health and well-being.
I can strongly recommend Siri and the work he is doing at Aquarius Health.
Lynne Allen, UK

Apart from my various information requests, etc, I don't think I have actually ever written to you to specifically mention on how useful your help was; we only had one initial session which was more informative than a lot of other attempts of mine to decipher my life riddle; but that alone was particularly useful.
From that brief physical examination at the end of the first session, I already sensed a strong positive change in my energy layout.
I know there is a long way to complete the entire journey, but thanks for opening that door.
Adriana, Romania
PS: how is it back in Penang?

Hi Siri,
This is the feedback I wanted to send you.
7 day liver cleanse In Cyprus: My story
For many years I have been suffering with poor digestion and all it's related maladies, constipation, bloating, fatigue, cramps. Most serious of all of these symptoms are bouts of agonising abdominal pains that circle my lower ribcage from front to back, build in intensity throughout the course of a day and by evening time can leave me doubled up in pain. I suspect this to be some sort of pancreacitis or blockage of the bile ducts as it tends to reach a point of highest intensity before subsiding suddenly.
As an aside I was diagnosed with Gilberts syndrome and although my GPs have told me over the years that it's a benign condition I suspect that some kind of loss of proper liver function may have led to these kind of attacks.
I decided to visit Siri and Christine in Cyprus to undergo the liver cleanse as I have researched it's benefits and believe that it could help in lessening the intensity of these episodes that I can now have several times a year and seem to be becoming more frequent.
My stay in Cyrus turned out to be a thoroughly rewarding experience. First I was warmly welcomed by Siri and Christine into their home and practice which was set in a peaceful and sleepy little cypriot village offering the perfect setting to relax and focus on getting the maximum out of the weeks treatments.
My guestroom was impeccably clean and comfortable with a space age memory foam matress that gave me some of the best nights sleep I'd had in a very long time, everything I could want or need was provided for and my hosts both gave me their absolute full attention for my whole stay.
All of the blood cleansing and purifying tinctures, teas and pills I had neglected to organise before arriving (by being too busy to consider following Siri's clear guidance in his emails prior to my stay) were provided at the normal cost from their stocks but I would highly advise anyone undertaking this treatment to start preparing and cleansing well in advance of their stay in order to achieve the best possible results. All of the supplies together can seem like a big investment to make up front but are absolutely worth it and my only regret is that I perhaps left my preparations a little late.
My consultation sessions with Siri were inspiring and informative in equal measure and with the help of my star charts, some careful questioning and the bioscan equipment he made every effort to try to pinpoint the root causes and solutions to my state of mental and physical health! I really enjoyed these sessions chatting with him and we explored all kinds of topics on which he has some enlightening points of view.
Twice daily I was treated to Christines absolutely delicious salads and soups and for the colonics she turned a fairly personal and unpleasant procedure into a comfortable and lighthearted opportunity to chat and to appreciate the immediate benefit of releasing years worth of built up waste from the body.
Alternating steam bath and Siri's powerful chi nai tsang massage sessions in the afternoons helped to prepare me physically for the final cleanse. Be prepared for some intense and sometimes painful treatments but never were they unbearably so and were ultimately very rewarding thanks to Siris close attention and skillful work.
My final cleanse went very smoothly and the taking of the final cocktail of Epsom salts, olive oil and grapefruit juice was not anywhere near as unpleasant as I had expected.
I produced a fair amount of large green gallstones as a result and any disappointment I felt at the quantity was tempered by knowing that my own preparations could have been better, that it is well known that the largest number of stones do not always appear during the first flush and that I was now fully versed I the process required and could happily re-attempt a flush at home in my own time in the future.
Very shortly after my visit I was traveling in India and happened to feel the onset of an attack of my normal abdominal pains but was relieved and surprised to find that the usual acute pains did not develop and the normal build up subsided after just a couple of hours with half the normal discomfort!
Overall I'm enormously glad to have made such an effective and successful step back towards better health and to have found such friendly, professional and caring people as Siri and Christine to make it with!!
Thank you so much to both of you!
Steve, UK

I (age 60) was hurting (probably a tear in the gluteal muscles). I could hardly walk, and required pain medication (Percodan) to sleep at night. With “nothing to lose”, I received just two treatments from Siri. Since the treatments (at least 6 weeks ago now), I have not required any pain medication and have resumed all my prior activities,including Indonesian martial arts (the later probably was the original source of my injury).
As a medical doctor I can’t explain the success of this treatment based upon my prior training or experience, nevertheless, I acknowledge the fact that the way Siri used his healing arts helped me.
Many thanks.
Robert C. Shaw MD, USA

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